Kitchen cops trash week-old “fuzzy green” foods and uncover rat droppings at recreation center

WAFF reported that numerous restaurants in North Alabama struggled to maintain proper food labeling and dating policies. During the week, several violations were observed, such as old food and food without date marks in coolers throughout the area.

Located in the northwestern part of Alabama, Colbert County is a thriving community known for its rich history and natural beauty. With a population of over 54,000, the county offers a small town feel with big city amenities. Whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors or immerse yourself in the local culture, Colbert County has something for everyone. From the majestic Tennessee River to the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains, the landscape of Colbert County is truly breathtaking. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, hiking, and golfing. Additionally, the county is home to a number of historic sites and landmarks, such as the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and the Helen Keller Birthplace. With its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions, Colbert County is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling through Alabama.

Colbert County

No issues in Colbert County

Colbert County Scores

DeKalb County

The Marathon mini-mart on Greenhill Blvd. in Fort Payne has an 83 due to a chemical bottle stored near single-use items and mold in the ice machine.

DeKalb County Scores and Inspection Reports

Franklin County

No issues in Franklin County

Franklin County Scores

Lauderdale County

No issues in Lauderdale County

Lauderdale County Scores and Inspection Reports

Madison County

Marshall County is a county located in the U.S. state of Alabama. It is situated in the northeastern part of the state and is home to a population of approximately 96,000 people. The county was named after John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Its county seat is Guntersville, a city located on the banks of Lake Guntersville, which is one of the largest lakes in Alabama. The county is known for its scenic beauty, with many residents and visitors enjoying outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, camping, and hiking in the surrounding natural areas. Marshall County is also home to a number of historic sites, including the Guntersville Museum and Cultural Center, the Albertville Depot Museum, and the Arab Historic Village.

The summer season at the Guntersville Rec Center on Sunset Drive didn’t kick off on a positive note. The latest inspection report revealed a score of 76, indicating several significant violations. Inspectors found rat droppings in the restrooms, lack of hot water in the restrooms, and bug spray stored alongside food. Additionally, food serving containers were placed near Windex and paint, and sandwich bags were stored next to a cleaning product.

According to reports, the Cabo Mexican Restaurant located on Gunter Avenue was recently given a score of 77. The inspection revealed that the ice machine had mold, and the fajitas and taquitos were at the wrong temperature. Additionally, medication was found to be stored near the bowls, which is a major health hazard.

According to recent evaluations, Mi Palmar Supermarket located on Thomas Avenue in Boaz received a 78, while the Mi Palmar Restaurant, situated in the same building, was separately assessed and scored a low 79. During the inspection, authorities discovered residue in the ice market, unlabeled chemical cleaners, and pest problems. Additionally, the inspection revealed that raw chicken and beef were cross-contaminating each other on the preparation table, which is a major concern.

This month, Y Mart located on Highway 168 in Boaz received a score of 79. The restaurant had issues with the temperature of their burgers and BBQ sandwiches, as well as residue found in their ice machine.

Los Acros in Albertville received a score of 81 as they were found to have no paper towels in their employee restroom and their salsa and onions were not at the appropriate temperature.

Scoring an 81, the Mountain Lakes Country Cafe on Murphy Hill Road comes next on the list. During their inspection, the inspectors discovered a dishwasher that wasn’t reaching the appropriate temperature to sanitize its load effectively. Additionally, they found spoiled foods being held beyond their 7-day limit and observed that no manager with a proper food safety certification was present at the time.

At the intersection of Section Line Road and Edmonson Street in Albertville, the Citgo minimart faced issues with food temperature, a faulty drink nozzle, and a broken dryer at the handwashing sink. As a result, it received a score of 81.

Boaz’s Regalo de Dios comes in at 82 on the list. Unfortunately, the establishment was found to be lacking in both sanitizer testing supplies and food thermometers.

According to recent reports, the Lake Guntersville State Park Restaurant received a score of 82 due to several issues. These include problems with the temperature of their fish and chicken, a dirty ice maker, and a lack of sanitizer in the dishwasher. Additionally, there were no paper towels available at a handwashing sink.

The food temperature at Jessy Tacos on Highway 431 was found to be problematic, and they also had to discard chicken that was more than seven days old from their cooler. As a result, they received a score of 82.

Nash’s on Scott Street in Guntersville received a final score of 82 in Marshall County. The inspection report cited improper temperature for tomatoes, inadequate sanitizer in the dishwasher, and a drink found on the cutting board.

The Marshall County Health Department has provided its scores and inspection notes in an atypical format. We are currently in the process of reformatting the data and will share the information as soon as possible.

Morgan County is a county located in the U.S. state of Alabama. It was named in honor of General Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero. The county seat is the city of Decatur, which is also the largest city in the county. Morgan County is known for its rich history, including being the site of the first railroad west of the Appalachian Mountains. Today, the county is home to a diverse population of over 119,000 residents and is a hub for manufacturing, healthcare, and education in the region.

This week, the Marathon on Nanceford Road in Hartselle received a score of 77, which is the lowest in Morgan County. The rating was affected by several factors, including missing employee food safety paperwork, absence of date marks on certain foods, and serving cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches at incorrect temperatures.

According to the latest inspection report, Moody Crab located on Point Mallard Parkway received a score of 83. The report indicated multiple food temperature issues, the absence of dates on certain food items, and broken wires on fry baskets.

At Jack’s on the Beltline, the health inspection resulted in a score of 85. The violations included improper storage of cleaner and the absence of toilet paper in the men’s restroom.

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